> Combo of sweet tropical fruits and cooling herbs.

> Moderately moisturizing and refreshing, promoting instantly soft and firm skin.

> Addressing aging issues - dryness, lines, uneven tones, sensitivity.

> The perfect rebalancing moisturizer for normal to oily skin and for all skin types during warmer seasons.



Tips: Iceberry is a stand-alone moisturizer that can be applied to the skin. If you are looking for an even thinner product, combine it with Eternity Elixir, as needed. For a complete yet lighter treatment, instead of Pure Land All-Day Moisturizer, apply Iceberry Light Moisturizer after the concentrated Harvest Serum and Eternity Elixir.

Iceberry Light Moisturizer

  • Iceberry is a delightful creation, suitable for the summertime or oily skin types, for all seasons. You may be able to guess a little from the name. What could "iceberries" possibly smell like? Well, they are sweet, scrumptious, and unforgettable! From the moment you put it on till long after it's absorbed in by the skin, the olfactive experience moves from sweet and elegant to warm and fruity. Ending with a profound richness, just that's like when you've finally reached the berry's core. You won't get enough of it!


    The texture of Iceberry is dreamy and as puffy as a cloud. It is designed specifically for warm seasons when extra refreshing and rebalancing elements are needed. The lightweight moisturizer provides the necessary protection, without feeling thick or greasy, especially in conditions when we have to sweat more.


    While Iceberry does not provide any sunscreen functions, it makes a great after-sun treatment to help the skin recover. It contains numerous soothing and calming herbs that make relaxation so breezy. 

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