> A celebration of the lavish abundance in nature.

> Ultra moisturizing, nourishing and repairing.

> Addressing aging issues - dryness, lines, uneven tones, sensitivity.

> The ultimate treatment for deprived mature skin.



Tips: Harvest Serum goes perfectly with our Eternity Elixir - the two of them complete the package of both water and oil soluble essence, so the herbs can serve your skin in the most gentle and effective way. Simply combine a few drops of the two in your palm and rub onto your face. The excellent skin feel is undescribable. It's also a great companion to the daily moisturize; further nourishing the skin. Use it before or after the moisturizer or simply combine the two according to your needs. While it is designed for normal to dry skin, the serum is outstanding at treating rough patches. Just rub it in, massage and feel it works its wonders.

Harvest Ultra Nourishing Serum

  • Just like a natural harvest, the serum is full of goodness. It's concentrated with 31 plants, ready to revive your skin. The aroma is beautifully mixed with a variety of the most cherished fruits, nuts, flowers, and woods.


    The fruity and nutty smell come on bold when you first open the bottle. When you put it on, the blossoms and grass take over. In the end, the woodsy thickness keeps lingering. Be ready to feel intoxicated by this golden-greenish, out of the world oil blend. 


    This rich and ultra nourishing serum is designed to supplement mature skin with extra plant nutrients. Each oil ingredient is carefully selected to either hug and kiss your skin to form protection, or quickly vanishes into your skin to delivery goodness. It is great for normal to dry skin, especially as a night-time treatment, or a timely rescue of damaged skin in tough seasons without any greasiness.

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