> A potion of herbal essence in perfect clarity.

> Ultra hydrating, promoting instant skin firmness.

> Skin soothing and irritation calming.

> Addressing aging issues - dryness, lines, uneven tones, sensitivity.

> A superb addition to other RUNE moisturizing products for extra hydration.




Tips: Eternity Elixir and Harvest Serum are a great pair for a luxurious treatment with the most potent possible herbal essence. Mix a couple drops of each in your palm then apply to a clean face. Prepare to be surprised at how satisfied your skin feels! You can then apply a thin layer of Pure Land Moisturizer on top for even longer-lasting effect. 


Eternity Elixir is created with especially cooling herbs, so it's the best for calming and soothing irritated skin. Add a couple drops of the elixir to your moisturizer to create a lighter, more cooling product for your special needs. Just remember to never use this product alone. Always follow with a moisturizer.

Eternity Ultra Hydrating Elixir

  • Eternity is an oil-free concentrate of extraordinary plant properties that promotes and retains hydration. It is lightly scented with precious herbal waters, making it a wonderful addition to any other RUNE moisturizing products, whenever you need extra hydration for the skin.


    Hydration is crucial to skin's normal metabolism. When the moisture reduces by 10%, our skin starts feeling itchy, stingy and turns red. When this happens, an instant supplement of hydration is necessary for assistance in calming irritated skin. Our skin experiences dehydration more often than we think/ Common situations are when:  


    • the temperature and humidity drop
    • exposed to sun for a while
    • staying in air-conditioned offices
    • we lack of sleep or water intake
    • our physical health is off balance
    • we feel stressed out about work
    • we have a cold and can't stop sneezing so we keep wiping our noses then the skin in that area becomes irritated


    Just a few drops of the Eternity Elixir will bring the balance back and keep your skin hydrated. Be sure to use a moisturizing product on top, such as our Pure Land moisturizer or Harvest Serum to lock in the water content. 

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