Make the Most of Your Skin Care Products by Understanding How They Work on Your Skin

Updated: May 23, 2019

Our skin is a very complicated and effective system that protects our whole body. When it’s balanced and healthy, the skin is so effective at preventing foreign substances from getting into the body. However, at other times when the skin is experiencing conditions like being very dry or scaly, the barrier function of the outer layers becomes compromised. This is the reason why one may feel a burning sensation when applying products.

Science shows is that the outer layer of our skin cell membrane is oil-loving and that the intercellular filling is made of lipids. Our skin is structured this way to prevent the water content from being lost from our body. Oil-containing products, such as moisturizers made with natural oils similar to those lipids in our skin, can actually strengthen the barrier and reverse the adverse effects caused by harsh cleansers and extreme weather. The oils form a protective film that traps water underneath, effectively preventing evaporation, which helps in reducing trans-dermal water loss. As skin ages, it starts to slow down at producing sufficient lipids, so some level of supplement becomes necessary to help maintain proper barrier function.

Hydration of the outer layer (Stratum Corneum) is equally important. It helps in normalizing the intercellular lipids and with the natural shedding process, strengthening our skin to become more resistant to the environment. What we need to remember is that we should always lock in an oil-free layer with an oil-containing product to prevent dehydration.

Let's look at how we can best utilize the three RUNE products - Pure Land Moisturizer, Harvest Serum, Eternity Elixir for different needs/occasions to create the most suitable skin care regime for you.

Pure Land Moisturizer

Moisturizers contain both water and oil elements, so it’s already a perfect system for skin care. RUNE moisturizers are lamellar structured or liquid crystalline structured, which means its formulated to be very similar to our skin’s top layer. Shhh. This is the secret to the superb skin feel and the reason why it lasts longer, so the cosmeceuticals can work longer being slowly released to the skin. Pure Land Moisturizer is perfectly balanced between oil and water and delivers goodness while offering the best skin feel and protection for normal to dry skin types.

1. After cleansing, apply the moisturizer to face and neck and massage to help with absorption. The amount you use varies according to your skin condition.

2. For typical uses, three to four pumps is standard for the face and neck, although some may require more/less.

3. If your moisturizer is making white streaks, try using less.

4. The product should effortless go onto your skin and absorb in.

5. If you feel this is sufficient, you could end your skin care regime at this stage. Pure Land Moisturizer is a stand-alone product, packed with plant essence. The moisturizer itself works wonderfully to hydrate, moisturize, tighten and protect, as well as helping you with aging concerns.

Pure Land Moisturizer + Harvest Serum

If your skin is extra dry and you feel that you need more protection, the addition of an anhydrous product will do just the job. Simply add a layer of Harvest Serum on top to “lock in” and “Seal the deal”. Our Harvest Serum is water-free and when applied to the skin, this beautiful oil blend slowly delivers nutrients throughout the day.

1. Apply Pure Land Moisturizer, as needed

2. Add a layer of Harvest Serum on top of the moisturizer, as needed

Harvest Serum + Pure Land Moisturizer

If your focus is enriched plant essence rather than protection, do it backwards! Put on the Harvest Serum first then the Pure Land Moisturizer. This way the most potent layer is closer to the skin to work its herbal magic.

P.S. You can always combine the two in the center of your palm and mix well before applying altogether. This is the easiest way to apply two products while being completely in control of the amounts used to create the perfect richness to fit your needs. It's like creating a new product that provides the perfect richness for you

Eternity Elixir + Pure Land Moisturizer

If you would like some extra hydration but a lighter and a soothing treatment, use the Eternity Elixir + Pure Land Moisturizer combo instead of the serum as mentioned above. Remember, if we are talking about order, always use the elixir first and follow with an oil-containing product, such as the moisturizer or the serum. Though we recommend that you combine the elixir with the moisturizer your palm first then put the mixture on for easier application instead of using one then the other.

P.S. An addition of an oily serum can make a moisture thicker, while the combination of an oil-free elixir and a moisturizer can create a thinner, more refreshing product! If sometimes you feel like a lighter treatment, instead of buying another product, simply mix a couple drops of Eternity Elixir with a smaller amount of Pure Land Moisturizer than you normally use then apply.

Eternity Elixir + Harvest Serum

If you are already familiar with our products you’ll be able to tell that Harvest Serum and Eternity Elixir are a pair - the two of them contain both the water and the oil aspects of the herbal ingredients.

1. Put on the elixir first.

2. Then add a layer of the serum to lock in the nutritious moisture.

3. For easier application, simply combine a few drops of each, mix well in the middle of your palm and rub onto clean skin (face and neck).

These products are very concentrated so you don’t need to use too much - a little goes a long way. You can also replace the serum with the moisturizer for a lighter treatment as mentioned above.

Complete Facia Treatment: Eternity Elixir and Harvest Serum Mixture + Pure Land Moisturizer

Can we use all three products in one treatment? Absolutely!

1. Combine the suitable amount of the concentrated elixir and serum in your palm and mix well.

2. Apply to the face and neck and massage into your skin.

3. Put on the moisturizer to complete the ultimate treatment.

The whole (combined water aspect and oil aspect of herbal extracts), concentrated layer is sealed in by the skin-lipid-structure-like emulsion system to ensure the most thorough treatment. Your skin will stay supple and soft for the whole day and night and even longer without reapplying. Maintain this simple yet incredible regime and observe the amazing changes it’s capable of making. You can certainly do this in the order of elixir - serum - moisturizer. However, we recommend that you mix the elixir and serum first for easier spreading.

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