About RUNE

Planetary Herbalism

“Planetary Herbalism - A global approach that integrates herbs and traditional assessment methodologies from around the world, especially Western, East Indian Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Healing systems.”  - Michael and Leslie Tierra.

RUNE Holistic Skincare formulas are strictly based on planetary herbalism. Our products are formulated by herbalists who are experts on the benefits of plants and at administering herbs from around the world.  We do not chase after fads nor do we wish to complicate your life by tempting you to chase after fads. We believe in empirical evidence, recognizing tested traditions as well as respecting facts based on scientific research.

While we adhere to these guidelines, the standard in the skincare market is quite different. Herbal additives are widely used in mainstream skin care products. The order of ingredients listed on product packaging represents the percentage of each ingredient used by practice, with the most being first and the least being last. Many products contain plant essence but only in trace amounts, with those ingredients falling at the end of the list. Unfortunately, these ingredients are added more for the marketing effects rather than their skin benefits.

With herbal formulas, it's all about harmony and balance. Using the wrong combinations or doses, long term - won't help you at all. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it's believed that all matters have their own degrees of energies on spectrums of certain opposite pairs - cool and warm, inward and outward, upward and downward, and of course, yin and yang.  With your specific skin type, there is a perfect formula for you. Whether you need to restore, repair or refresh, RUNE Holistic Skincare offers products of the highest quality that are best-suited to your skin type.

High Performance

High-performance cosmetics are composed of an effective delivery system and the high content of cosmeceuticals. They are designed to harness the power of active cosmeceuticals to treat the skin at a much deeper level than a regular skin cream ever could.


RUNE Holistic Skincare is a high performance product line for mature skin. You will see that every product consists of an abundance of botanical essence so it can work it’s wonder - to actually have a visible effect on the skin's appearance!

In formulating and balancing botanical energy, high-performance skin care is far more complicated than regular, natural and organic product lines. RUNE Holistic Skincare products are light and highly absorbent, with the full backing of science to insure performance and superb skin-feel.  

As advocates for holistic skin care, we can't stress more that if you want truly beautiful skin, you must:

- nourish yourself from the inside with a balanced healthstyle.

- boost yourself on the outside with the topical application of wonderfully natural skin care products.


Anti-aging is the most widely used and accepted term when it comes to cosmetics designed for mature skin. RUNE Holistic Skincare is an anti-aging line, we just prefer to call it Effortless Aging or Positive Aging. The fear of aging is normal but feeling stressed about it isn't going to help. We don't wish to assist in promoting this fear culture. We believe that maintaining a positive attitude about the natural process and feel more empowered with each passing day and with every piece of experience gained. Aging can be beautiful, graceful and extremely rewarding. We encourage that you take good care of yourself inside out, physically and emotionally. Be balanced and be holistic. Make friends with time and live in the now.


It's not about following green trends or health fads.

We at RUNE praise and applaud that you intelligent ladies think independently about what you want for yourselves, instead of being misled and confused by commercials. We encourage that you find your own answers by demanding/understanding full ingredient lists. Research ingredients - make Google Scholar your friend and be able to tell internet myths from truths. Experiment and determine your own very best routines. Express your opinions freely and confidently because you know that you have the knowledge to influence people around you.

Making the best choices of products comes with a little bit of extra effort. But you know it's worth it and you love it.

Simple & Versatile

We want to simplify your choice making process. Rather than offering a wide variety of creams and lotions that cloud your mind, we design very straight-forward products tailored to your skin types. We offer tips to combine products according to your needs to make them truly work perfectly, for you. So, the possibilities are unlimited!

For instance, if you would like more nourishment at night time, rather than buying a separate night-time leave-on product, you could combine a couple pumps of our daytime moisturizer with a few drops of our serum. You’ve just created a product suitable for night time nourishment. Plus, you can control how potent and how rich you want it to be by adjusting the amounts used. Have fun with it and Do It Yourself!

We design our products with these possibilities in mind so that you can always recreate something with a couple or a few products that fits you, specifically. We have tips on how to combine products for specific needs on each product page and in our blog posts.

Small & Fresh

Although this is not the most cost-effective approach in production, we insist on hand-making our products in very small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We make everything from scratch - absolutely nothing from semi-finished goods or outsourcing.

You have probably also noticed that our products are packed in smaller volumes than other brands on the market. This is because we would like to have the most control over freshness so each one of our products delivered to you remains of the utmost potency. We stand behind our products from beginning to the end.

Ingredients & Safety

Our ingredients are 100% plant sourced and cruelty-free. Our formulas never include ethanol, synthetic preservatives, artificial colorants and fragrances, or anything else that is known to be harmful to the environment. 

We use a very thorough and selective process for deciding where we source our ingredients. We use a variety of organic and organic certified ingredients and follow a very strict criteria throughout production. Each product will state whether it contains organic ingredients. You can find all of this information on the packaging of each product as well as on the RUNE Holistic Skincare website.

We publish our complete ingredient list instead of just showing "active ingredients" or "hero ingredients", so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. There's nothing to hide - we are proud of our formulations as well as our ingredient choices. 

There are a hundred different shades to the term "natural". At RUNE, we use ingredients that are naturally obtained from nature and those that are defined as natural-identical, which means these substances that are available in nature are instead created from lab processes using natural and sustainable methods. This is done for practical reasons and is widely accepted by international organic/natural cosmetic bodies, such as ECOCERT, COSMOS, Natrue, etc.. 

Environment & Sustainability

RUNE Holistic Skincare promises that our products are free from:

  • micro beads 

  • aluminum 

  • petro chemicals 

  • methylisothiazolinone (MI) and methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) 

  • phthalates (diethyl phthalate) 

  • sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate (SLS/SLES) 

  • synthetic preservatives 

  • synthetic silicones and derivatives 

  • artificial fragrances and dyes

  • etc..

We are an advocate of organic agriculture and we source from organic farming suppliers as much as possible. We do not sacrifice quality or our belief in sustainability to minimize costs. 

Other than our high standards with ingredients, the majority of our packaging is made of glass and porcelain - if all package parts could be found in glass and porcelain, we would do it! However, some necessary mechanical functions are only available in plastic materials, like pumps and hoses. Please recycle.

As we grow, RUNE Holistic Skincare will continue contributing more to protecting our environment and promoting sustainability. 

Taking a holistic approach means taking all aspects into consideration: the body, the mind, the environment, etc.. In terms of caring for skin, in addition to pampering the skin we also need to look at our physical health, state of mind, and our lifestyle. At RUNE Holistic Skincare, our focus is to advise you on topical applications. We formulate and design our products maintaining this holistic approach as our highest principal.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we aim to treat the subject, not only the disease. Instead of trying to fix one problem after another, holistic skin care looks at the overall health of the skin to correct the imbalance. This enables the skin to become strong enough to fix itself, more resistant to adverse conditions so the skin can eventually present its best self.

For RUNE Holistic Skincare,  holistic also means to use herbs, wholly. Unlike mainstream cosmetics, we do not load our skin care products with highly concentrated, isolated substances. While this might provide instant effects, over time it will often throw-off the natural balance of our skin. Instead, RUNE Holistic Skincare uses the traditional herbalists’ method of plant extraction. Herbalism is an empirically tested, millennium-proven methodology that is a safe and effective approach to holistic health. 


Per the herbalists’ way, plants are extracted into both water and oil soluble forms to be utilized by our skin. While the water soluble contents won’t dissolve in oil and vice versa, often times it is important to include both. This keeps the healing power intact and balanced, guaranteeing that the innate synergistic effects are never compromised to unnecessary modern processes.

Water and oil are equally important when it comes to maintaining skin health. At RUNE Holistic Skincare, we make sure you receive both water-loving and oil-loving contents from herbs. We provide recommendations for how to best utilize our products on our blog, on each product page of the website and product packaging.


Using herbs whole in appropriate formulas is the best way to create truly mild products that are safe for the whole family.

The active ingredients in our products provide a natural scent that helps relax your mind and we choose graphic designing elements for the same purpose. When you toss your business and chores aside and concentrate on the now, your body and mind become more sensitive and your skin can better absorb the goodness. Consider meditation as the first step of your daily skin care ritual for a more rewarding experience.